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Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur
What You Really Need to Know to Start Your First Business
In Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur, Brian Lofrumento reveals the most valuable lessons, insights, strategies, and tips picked up over nearly a decade of being an entrepreneur.

In this book, Brian reveals the #1 thing that new entrepreneurs must focus on to maximize their chances of success, how "starting every day" can help you achieve your goals, and the single biggest threat to your success as an entrepreneur. (It's not what you think!)

No matter what type of business you're starting, this book will help you avoid the many mistakes that new entrepreneurs make. Rather than teaching decades-old business knowledge found in textbooks, this book contains the advice that you really need to know to succeed in today's marketplace – online and offline.

If you're serious about going from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur and building the business and life of your dreams, this book is for you.
About Brian
Brian Lofrumento is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author whose businesses have reached over 3.5 million people in over 200 countries. Having built multiple six-figure businesses since the age of 19, Brian has taught over 4,000 entrepreneurs worldwide how to launch and grow businesses online using his Ultimate Profit Model framework.

Brian is the author of Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur: What You Really Need to Know to Start Your First Business, and he also hosts one of the top business podcasts in the world. As an expert in getting people from $0 to their first $10K and beyond, Brian helps students through his engaging, fun, and interactive teaching style, which is focused as much on implementation and mindset as it is on learning and building a customer-center business. 
What People Are Saying

"I love Brian's no-nonsense (and often hilarious) tone and his approach to getting any business successfully off the ground with a laser focus on the necessities (mindset, focus, and hustle, to start)."


"Brian is always the first person I go to when I'm looking to grow my business  and is the absolute best at breaking things down in to small, actionable steps. In just a one hour conversation, Brian showed me how to build a new revenue stream... three days later, I had already made $16,000!"


"Brian speaks my language better than any other influencer out there. He challenged me and got me out of my comfort zone, which for me led to many breakthroughs."


"Brian has a unique ability of blending his own experiences with inspirational stories and quotes to deliver immense value in everything he does."


"The best thing about Brian is his enthusiasm. He's just so contagious, and he is so passionate about what he does. He takes a real interest in his students."


"Brian is the special type of entrepreneur that truly wants to see the people he crosses paths with succeed."


"Thanks to Brian I've launched my passion business, made my first $1K, and I'm so passionate and fulfilled by the work that I'm doing that it's hard to sleep!"


"Brian is in a league of his own! He loves what he does, and because of that he over-delivers and makes the success of others his success as well."


"I worked with another company for a year and they never taught me any of the stuff Brian teaches me. It's an amazing difference for me how much I've learned from him."


"As a college student myself, Brian opened my eyes to what's possible, and most of all gave me the belief and focus to create my own circumstances." 

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Have you always dreamed of starting your business? Have you been spinning your wheels for months or years jumping from idea to idea and strategy to strategy? Take the free 7 Day Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur Challenge to finally build the foundation of a $10K per month business... starting from your idea to your product or service to your marketing and positioning strategy. 

Get access to all of the videos, worksheets, and the Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur community inside the challenge!
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Brian has gone from an unknown 19 year old college student to building multiple six-figure businesses, and now consults multi-million dollar businesses and teaches over 4,000 students from across the world how to build profitable, customer-centric businesses online. 

Brian combines all of his experiences into engaging, funny, fun, and memorable experiences for audiences of all sizes and backgrounds... sharing insights into the mindset of successful entrepreneurs, the secrets behind building a differentiated business by injecting your own natural personality into all components, and how to delight customers and clients in ways that they least expect it.

Brian speaks in front of corporate audiences, conferences, seminars, workshops, and high school and college students across the world.
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Want to live with Brian and his entire Ultimate Profit Model team in a mansion for an entire week full of learning, action, and fun? Join us for a week of business and mindset immersion to go from zero to building the entire framework of a $10K per month business.

See behind the curtains of a marketing machine that brings customers and clients to businesses, and build your own sitting alongside Brian and his team... all while getting fed by private chefs, experiencing personal growth and mindset transformations, and collaborating with your fellow entrepreneurs and tribe.
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The Ultimate Profit Model
Build and launch a marketing funnel that leverages Facebook Ads and webinars to attract new customers and clients... without needing to network, chase after people, or convince them to pay you.
Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur Bootcamp
Go from zero to your first $10K as an entrepreneur by learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, from crafting and positioning an irresistible product or service to becoming magnetic with your marketing.
DIY Videos for Entrepreneurs
Become a trusted authority and expert in your industry by leveraging the power of video to stand out from your competition and build trust with your customers, clients, prospects, and leads.
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